Sunday, December 9, 2007

An early Christmas with the grandkids

After a marathon day of packing (five day countdown! Eek!), we raced out to Rancho Cordova for an early celebration with Samantha and Kamryn --- Kami's first Christmas!
Grandpa Michael with Kami

Samantha is only one head shorter than me right now, soon to be eating peanuts off the top of my head. She held a short Christmas recital for us on our flute. She's getting great –– obviously practicing and enjoying the music.

Another candidate for the Four Headlamps (gotta do something about that number in the name, apparently).

Sami & Kami

After this week, we probably won't see them for six months or so –– one of the major downsides of adventuring during retirement.

On another note --- today's San Francisco Chronicle had an article about the toll stress is taking on all of us. And how most of our stress is self-imposed, much of it caused by a society that doesn't unplug itself, doesn't go to bed when the sun sets.

I'm definitely guilty. But I'm willing to change. Starting with some rest, right now. G'night all!

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slamont said...

How about "Sam and the Four Headlamps?"