Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just one more 'over-the-top' week

Stress levels are high, high, high as we begin to move things out of the Sacramento house and into storage -- while also teaching full-time, working the consulting job, racing down to the Bay area to celebrate some birthdays and say some goodbyes. How many times have Michael and I done a life-changing, sell/buy/completely change directions kind of move? I'd hate to count (and, I've noticed, so do our kids).

But what I've discovered is if I can take the pace, it's still fun and outrageous and I have few regrets. I guess that's good enough.

Birthday bash and bon voyage
Yesterday we said our goodbyes to Don Tiffin, who bought his beloved Maple Leaf 48 back from us and getting ready to sail south for San Diego next week, Mexico in early January, the South Pacific in February or March. He's been varnishing for at least a month, I would bet, and you can see your reflection in the cap rail. The steel's been polished, the engine and engine room painted. New mainsail. She's looking fantastic and ready to head to warmer waters, as is Don.

Don and Sylvia on a 'new & improved' Sabbatical

We had a birthday bash for Don, Sanders and myself at the Oakland Yacht Club, helped by Michael, by Pat, and Berkeleyite Dylan.

Pat & Sanders and Good News

Then late last night Michael finally drove his little red Nissan pickup home to Sacramento, after four months as Don's vehicle for repairs and provisioning. Next item on the checklist: sell the Prius, complete with carpool stickers. Hate to see it go...

Dustin's tree in Sacramento

We took our first full truckload of 'stuff' to storage today, driving by our old home on 58th Street on our return home. Couldn't believe the size of the tree out front that Dustin planted around 10 years ago. Great fall colors and HUGE!


What was I thinking?

If you've been reading Michael's blog, then you already know about his new companion, the as-yet-unnamed Senor Squawker. Even as I was pulling out of the box and giving it to him, it occurred to me that this might not have been the sanest gift for me to give him, and that it might be a really, really long drive to Mexico with the two of them in the car.

With any luck, we'll be stopping by many of your homes on the way to share what his big sister Anne calls his "annoying funny" humor.

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