Friday, November 23, 2007

Wish I had two to sell

I'll miss my lovely Prius hybrid, which is apparently going to a new Bay area owner today. I was one of the 85,000 lucky ones that got a special carpool sticker that allows me to drive in the carpool lane with only one person in the car --- through 2011.

It's been a fantastic car and I'd buy another in a heartbeat if we decide to live the majority of our time in the U.S. But it wasn't the right vehicle to take to Mexico.

Driving down to San Francisco from Sacramento in the Prius has been awesome --- it's comfortable, perky and barely sips that high-priced petrol. We slip into the carpool lane on the other side of the Martinez bridge, then wisk at about 50 to 60 mph past the non carpool drivers, who are averaging maybe 10 to 12 mph...

When we decided to sell it, I looked up what top dollar for my car would be, then added some dollars for the carpool sticker since I had heard that it would increase the value of the car.

Wow! A serious understatement.

I've been hearing from potential buyers in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and today I got a cash offer (and not a bad one) from a car broker in the Bay Area. Leaving me wondering, of course, how much I should have asked for the car.

Oh well. It's amazing enough that the car didn't depreciate a nickel since driving it off the car lot last year. No need to be greedy....

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Michael J. Fitzgerald said...

Sad day when the Prius left... but it went to a good home.