Thursday, November 22, 2007

A surprisingly perfect Thanksgiving Day

Michael and I thought we would be home alone this holiday with plans to rest, relax, pack and generally get caught up with ourselves and our work this long weekend, given that we're going to be hurling ourselves into a whole new life in about three weeks.

Originally we had grand plans to join the Lamont clan in Murphy, play lots of music, hope for snow and a reason to take a long nap near the woodstove. But Dylan couldn't join us because he had to work on Wednesday, then again at 5 a.m. on Friday, leaving no commute time from San Francisco to join us. We took a second look looked at our 'to do' list, checked our batteries and decided to stay home.

Then, to my delight, plans evolved.

By breakfast time this morning Dylan was parking in front of the house with the snappy little red Miata and a nice new street bike on the back, with a date to meet cousin Alex at 11 for a ride along the river, then join us for an impromptu turkey dinner.

It was exactly, perfectly what I wanted to do but didn't know. I got my 'kid fix' --- including lots of hugs, conversation and food --- but still got in a short nap, a long walk and lots of music in between their bike rides.

Dylan left with a huge leftover turkey dinner to take to work and enough stuffing to take to tomorrow's potluck.

I got to spend the day with family. And I got pictures.

Hope ya'll got a delightful day with family and friends too.

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